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Master of Refugee and Migration Studies
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Information Systems
Masters of Science Health Services Management
Master of Arts in Human Rights
Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Studies
Master of Arts in International Trade, Policy and Law
Master of Public Health Health Promotion
Master of Arts in Development Studies
Master of Public Health Population and Reproductive Health
Master of Education
Masters Public Health Reproductive Health
Master of Science in Monitoring and Evaluation
Bachelor of Business Administration and Management
Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Social Development and Counselling
Bachelor of Science (Economics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematics)
Bachelor of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management
Bachelor of Agriculture
Bachelor of Social Work and Social Administration
Bachelor of Arts in Ethics and Development Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Management
Bachelor of Arts English Language and Literature (Secondary)
Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Bachelor of Arts with Education (Secondary)
Bachelor of Fashiion and Textile Design
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Bachelor of Science with Education (Secondary)
Bsc in Environmental Design
Diploma in Transformative Education and Faith
Bachelor of Arts in Microfinance and Community Development
Journalism and Mass Communication
Bachelor of Public Health - Health Promotion
Bachelor of Science Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (General)
Bachelor of Science Organic Agriculture
Diploma in Microfinance